American Mule

*An Authentic Experience*



Arizona's first open-pit copper mine was launched in 1917, when the west was still wild, and electricity and phone lines were still a novelty out in rattlesnake country. As mule trains began carting tons of precious ore to the surface, this dusty frontier was transformed almost overnight into “The Copper State,” marking the rise of a mega industry in the southwest that would turn the desert into a flourishing homefront for millions of families over the course of several decades.

But by the 1950's, the copper business was in decline. Hard-working families were forced to move away from towns such as Copper Hill, Copper Creek, and Copperopolis (yes - this town really existed). They became ghost towns and the industry that powered the 20th century was all but forgotten.

That is, until now. In honor of those hard-working pioneers who gave rise to our great state and country, we’re raising a mug to copper.  Literally.

The Original American Mule Mug is the only copper Moscow Mule style mug that is crafted by artisan hands and made with 100% pure American copper exclusively in the United States.   When you hold The Original American Mule Mug and sip on your favorite refreshing cocktail, you’re imbibing the history of the southwest.  

You’re also saluting the American dream. Almost 100 years after the first copper mine was opened in Arizona, that dream is still strong in the southwest. Many of those old mines are even re-opening in the 21st century as new technology embraces this invaluable resource.

When you purchase your Original American Mule Mug, you’re contributing to the next generation of business growth in America. Cheers to you for not going imported, my friends!  

Now raise your American Mule Mug to the wild west mining towns of Arizona, and to all the other hard working mules of America. Take a load off, you mule!  You deserve it.


The original American Mule Mug is made with 100% copper. Purity is crucial, not just to the signature look and feel of this cocktail classic, but also to the taste. When combined with spicy ginger beer, quality vodka, and fresh lime juice, the copper adds the perfect amount of acidity, giving the drink a smooth and delicious balance that’s kept sophisticated tipplers coming back since it was first poured in the 1940's.

Our quality mugs are non-import and made with riveted handles for longevity. Like rugged and trusty mules, your American Mule Mug will stand the test of time.

Words from the owner of American Mule:

"My name is Casey Barras, a proud Arizona native and grandson of a WWII Veteran and hard-working copper mine superintendent. As a recent father, I have a growing family of my own, and I appreciate and realize that we would not be here if it weren’t for copper. I feel a strong connection with the Arizona desert and the great people and business owners who thrive here.

The concept behind the American Mule mug is about honoring the hard work of our forefathers from the last century. Like mighty mules, they used their strong backs to build something great for future generations. They did it for you and me.

Now I want to do my part.  Using local resources and members of my own community, we’re producing something of spectacular quality. More than just a mug, this is a testament to the fact that old-fashioned hard work and ingenuity are alive and well, and the “Made in the USA” label is not dead. If my grandfather’s generation could set the standard for American prosperity, we can live up to it. And nothing says prosperity like a cold American Mule. This one’s for you, Grandpa."

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